School Events

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Senior Schools (aged 13 and up): A reeling evening is a great idea for a school ‘Social’ or dance event, being easy, energetic, and great fun. By including more of the simpler dances, students can thoroughly enjoy themselves even if they haven’t ever done any reeling beforehand. The process of mixing and interacting is easier as everyone needs to have a (new!) partner for each dance. It’s always rewarding to see how much the boys and girls enjoy their first taste of reeling, as the youngsters of today are the reelers of tomorrow!

John has helped with reeling events for students from Radley, Downe House, Cheltenham Ladies, Harrow and Stowe, as well as calling at several reeling balls held in the holidays for teenagers.

Prep Schools (8-13): For the younger age groups, an annual evening of Scottish Reeling can be hugely enjoyable. It’s important to invite and involve parents as much as possible - not only because they are sure to enjoy themselves (much more so than when supporting their from the touchline, in the freezing cold!), but they also help greatly when pairing up their sons and daughters before each dance begins. Many Prep schools run an annual dance along these lines, and John himself set this up at the school where he teaches, Cothill House in Oxfordshire, where in two short years the event has become popular for parents and pupils alike, with over 200 attending.