The 'Reel Thing' Season Finale Ball
Frequently Asked Questions


What is the nearest tube station?
Ravenscourt Park (District Line) is the nearest station, only 2 minutes walk from the venue. Or you could come to Hammersmith, but it's a 10 minute walk, take note!

Can I attend on my own or must I join a party?
You can of course come along on your own, and you are especially welcome. A large number of free-for-all reelers (not in a party) are expected, and you will be able to fill in your dance cards during the drinks reception at the ball, from 9-9.45pm.

What's the form with dance cards?
These will be issued (with pencils!) to all guests as you arrive at 9pm (unless - as a party host - you request them to be sent beforehand). The idea is that you should spend the 45mins drinks reception penciling in your partners for the dances - even if you only manage to do so for the first few. Try to avoid arriving late, for obvious reasons! And if you don't have a full card, don't worry - we will give plenty of advance warning before each dance so you can find a partner.

Will I be able to ask anyone to dance?
Yes! If the last 'Reel Thing' is anything to go by, many guests will sign up on their own with this in mind. For all such 'Free-for-All reelers', the format for finding partners will be very relaxed, much like Pont Street or PGT evenings. Fill in your dance cards during the drinks reception, or  do away with dance cards altogether and just find a partner before each dance. If you’re in a party, check with your host whether you can or can't dance outside of your group.  

Must I bring a printed ticket to the event?
Yes please, this will help greatly at the door, where we will also have a list of all those who have purchased tickets. If you are in a party and your host buys your ticket (on your behalf), they MUST have passed this info to before the event. If your name's not down, you're not coming in! 

Will any food be served? 
Dinner is NOT included - please have something to eat beforehand. All drinks are included (alcoholic and soft), as well as croissants at midnight. You can dine out any night of the week, but how often can you enjoy a taste of the 'Reel Thing'?!

Will there be an interval?
There will be a 1/2 hour break at midnight, not least for the band who will be giving it their all! At this time breakfast will be served, but for those who want to 'reel on' we will continue with the likes of Posties Jig  & Rock n' Roll to recorded music. 

I'm new to reeling, but can I come?
Yes you can, but please note the reels will not be taught or walked through on the night, apart from a couple of surprises that John will 'call' (see below). There is still plenty of time to learn the reels in the build up to the ball, either at London Reels or PGT Reels. And check out the videos on Of all the balls on the circuit, the 'Reel Thing' is the best for those wanting to attend their first reeling ball - all reelers welcome, as it says on the tin!

Will there be any non-reeling dances on the dance card? 
Yes, but rather than Foxtrots and Quicksteps, there will be Rock'n'roll as well as a couple of simple but great fun 'called' dances in which you will be able to dance with lots of others guests on the dance floor. Note that these  will NOT replace the reels - they’re simply a bonus!

Will there be a professional film crew coming along again? 
This might happen, so be sure to look your best! Highlights of the last ball were filmed here.

Will the Night Tube be running to help me get home after the ball? 
As fas as I know the Night Tube is now running on the Piccadilly line, as well as for the Central, Victoria, Jubilee or Northern lines.

What is the refund policy?
Refunds will NOT be given unless in exceptional circumstances (eg. for cancellation of the event etc)

Is this the best reeling ticket in town?
Absolutely - it's the 'REEL THING' :-)