John started reeling in 2006 (an ambitious New Year's resolution, he says!) and rapidly became a loyal fan, thoroughly enjoying the varied mix of dancing, music, and social scene. He started 'calling' (teaching) three years later, relishing the challenge of converting rather nervous, slightly sceptical dancers into die-hard reeling enthusiasts, through his unique choice of dance, music and teaching. He describes the spectacle of everybody having so much fun as "the best thing of all, especially as reeling/ceilidh dancing can be enjoyed by all ages in so many different situations".

John now calls at dancing events of every size and description across the country, including Burns Night celebrations, charity events, wedding ceilidhs, school Caledonian Balls, private birthday parties, village ceilidhs and much more. He set up The Reel Thing in November 2016, which is now a sell-out event for 400 reelers in London each year. John has called alongside the most popular Scottish dance bands in the country, including Supergrouse and the Frank Reid band. He teaches reeling regularly at London Reels, as well as at Buckingham Palace.

John would be delighted to help deliver a fantastic evening of fun and enjoyment for whatever reeling event you might have in mind. Please have a look at his Testimonials page to see what he is able to offer.