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Reeling Music

by Various Bands

For a great night of Scottish dancing, you need great music - it’s a must! Only book a band if you can afford a good one - I'm happy to offer advice if you need it.

If a good band is out of your budget, you should consider the combination of recorded music & caller every time. These two albums are the best that I’m aware of:

Jim Lindsay & His Band: The Blackwatch Ball available on Amazon here [this is the best collection of reeling tunes anywhere]

Ron Kerr & his Scottish Dance Band: Play the St Andrews Ball, available here [more old school, but still excellent].

Rest assured I get nothing from these recommendations - they are simply excellent bands, and I’m forever indebted to them for giving reelers a fantastic time!

Do let me know of other great reeling/ceilidh tunes, I’m always open to suggestions.

Enjoy the following samples :-)